The Real Strong Weight Loss

Will the Real Strong Weight Loss please stand up?

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Screen Shot of Competitors AdWord Ad

As a business owner, I want to make sure that my business is viewable online. A couple of weeks ago, while searching “Strong Weight Loss” a google adword ad with the same headline came up. I thought, “that’s great, people can find me easily,” but I then read further and realized that the ad was for a competing weight loss program- WeighLess MD. Being the owner of the Real Strong Weight Loss…

That Really Ticked Me Off

So of course, I clicked on it. Soon, a video of the Owner – a registered dietician – came on and gave her spiel. From their website, I learned that they have two great locations and that they have a FREE appointment/consultation (basically a free sales pitch). If you dig deeper through their website, you find out that the supervising MD practices out of Watertown – it’s not clear if he comes out to either of the two great locations to see patients regularly.

Be careful of imitators!

  • If you heard us on the radio and are looking us up by name
  • If you want to be SEEN by a Doctor with specialized training in weight loss
  • If you want a FREE two-week program start – not just a sales pitch
  • If you want the Real Strong Weight Loss

Make sure you don’t get bamboozled by Weighless MD

We’ll never try to trick you into clicking onto our website

We believe in your choice because we believe in you. We believe that our relationship is too important to start with a lie. We want you to do well because we do care about your health. So visit OUR site – – or give us a call – 262-373-0169 to set up your FREE PROGRAM START at the Real Strong Weight Loss.