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Weight Loss Services

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How the Strong Weight
Loss Program Works

You will meet the doctor and will receive an initial evaluation including medical history and physical exam, a body composition evaluation, specific – individualized-nutritional goals for weight loss, an EKG if needed and recommendations for appetite suppressants and nutritional supplements.

We’ll meet again in a couple weeks to review your progress and answer any questions you have. We will analyze your blood work, if needed, to identify any underlying issues (pre-diabetes conditions, thyroid, hormonal problems, etc.) that may be causing your weight and health problems. Once we’ve successfully launched, we’ll meet once a month until it’s time to switch gears from active weight loss to weight maintenance! That typically takes 4-6 months. In this phase, it’s time to construct a new guide so that you can remain the fit and vibrantly healthy you.

Your body is amazingly unique, so we design a program during your initial appointment specifically for you to shed pounds, and keep them off.

Shedding pounds means you’ll be healthier nose to toes.* Weight loss often improves long-standing ailments (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and sleep apnea to name a few) and can get you off related medications.*

You’ll be seen by an ABOM board-certified physician (American Board of Obesity Medicine) who will direct your care and weight loss progress.

We’ll give you an initial plan to start losing the weight, and a maintenance plan later to help keep it off.

We’re trained and experienced to care for diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, and other diseases so you can feel like you again!*

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We understand how intimidating it is to talk to someone about sex hormones and weight loss. We get it. But if you are willing to come in and talk, we can guide you toward the better, healthier life you’ve been dreaming about, because we do it all the time..

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