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Cellulite Treatment


What Cellulite Actually Is
The term “Cellulite” refers to pockets of trapped fat which give the skin a dimpling, or cottage cheese-like appearance, and is present in 90% of adult women’s bodies.* Most commonly affected areas are often the thighs, buttocks, and belly.

How Our Cellulite Treatment Works

The Fat Melting Laser emulsifies certain tissue which allows fat cells to release its fatty content. It ejects the fat from your body utilizing natural biological processes, and starts resetting your fat cells to their healthy, lean state.

During laser treatments at our incredible facility, six low level beams are positioned over a target area and sweep each treatment site for 15 minutes. We’ll then massage the area with the Erchonia Percussion device for two minutes which delivers waves of percussion impulses deep into your body tissue, promotes increased blood and lymphatic flow, and speeds up the natural process where fat is used as burnable energy.

There is no pain, no heating of the tissue, no incisions and no down time, so you can immediately go back to your day.* The treatment can be effective even without diet or exercise, but both are strongly encouraged for maximum benefit to your overall health.* The cost depends on a few factors we can easily assess after asking you a couple questions.

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Your fat cell structure is an actual ORGAN in your body that can be healthy or unhealthy. When your fat cells become enlarged, this critical organ malfunctions, which can lead to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, inflammatory disorders, low energy, joint pain, and many other problems.

Your body fat releases HORMONES that affect your:

Body Functions.
Leptin is the hormone secreted by your fat cells which tells your brain that you are full. But, the Leptin signal malfunctions when our fat cells become enlarged, so the brain never hears, “Stop eating!”

The good news is that healthy lean fat cells secrete a different hormone which processes fat, utilizes insulin and keeps your blood sugar down.

After studying the effects of laser therapy on fat cells for over a decade, the global leader in low level laser healthcare – Erchonia – confirmed that the Verjú laser system safely and literally melts fat.*

In fact, the Verjú laser system – our friend, the Fat Melting Laser – is the only low level laser technology proven (through a double-blind clinical trial), to be an effective cellulite treatment that non-invasively targets problem areas with no risk, no pain, and no side effects.* You can look and feel young again.*

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