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We Know How It Feels; We’ve Been There

We designed this program because of our personal struggles with weight gain. We know how it feels and that’s why we’re here to help you.

Years ago, it suddenly hit me that my weight was out of control. I was frustrated I had so drastically changed from a tall, thin guy to a round one, with an enormous waist. So I decided to fight back. I had tried all the one-size-fits-all diets and experimented with health fads that promised “weight loss.” Nothing worked.

Desperate for change, I put myself on the good old-fashioned starvation diet, lost over eighty pounds and shrunk my waist by eight inches. I then spent the next 5 years on the weight loss roller coaster. I began researching the science of bariatrics (weight loss), and I learned far more than I could have imagined about how to properly shed the pounds, keep them off, and live healthy. Since then I’ve been able to keep the weight off by what I have learned.

Even after losing and keeping the weight off, I still didn’t feel like my youthful self I remembered. I had my testosterone tested and found it was low “normal” and treatment wasn’t indicated and could be “dangerous.” But I still felt lousy. So I did more research and found that there was little, if any, to fear from proper hormone optimization. In fact hormone optimization leads to so many health benefits (read the hormone replacement page for details). And this is how Strong Weight Loss transformed to Strong Health and Wellness.

Having an entirely new perspective, I  put together a team of talented, caring professionals who understand the importance of optimizing metabolism, making good nutritional choices,  and keeping physically and mentally active. They also understand that feeling your best can help in long-standing ailments and my make medications unnecessary*. That’s why part of what we do is get to the bottom of what’s holding YOU up, and help you break through the wall.*

How We Work

After our initial evaluation, we’ll come up with an individualized plan to get you on the road to feeling your best. We then follow up with you to see how things are coming along and decide what changes need to be made to get things optimized. 

I believe in what I do because I’ve seen it work. I live it every day and am inspired by patients, family and friends who live it too. We can show you how.*

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