Weight Loss

Insomnia and How to Sleep Better


Insomnia – Two Perspectives "Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together" – Thomas Dekker (Elizabethan Dramatist – not the 29 yo “Terminator:Sarah Connor Chronicles” actor.) We know that lack of sleep makes people, well, sleepy. But it also causes people to be crabby, slow, hungry, sick and can lead to [...]

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Why it’s called “Weight Loss”


Weight Loss Vs Weight Annihilation Why don’t we call it “weight annihilation,” or “weight eradication?” Because that’s what we really want to do – GET RID OF IT FOR GOOD! But we call it “weight loss.” And we should – here is why. Think back to a time when you ‘lost’ your car keys and [...]

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Sugar Alcohols


Beware of Sugar Alcohols Those of us looking to limit carbs have, at some time or another, been lulled into the hype of sugar alcohols. We’ve seen the “3 Net Carbs” in big letters on the front of the packaging and bought the cheaper protein bar instead of the more expensive one with more net [...]

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Strong Weight Loss is a Judgement Free Zone!


Strong Weight Loss is a Judgement Free Zone! I’ve been thinking of a blog post about this for a while, then a patient came in today saying that she was afraid to come in because she did not have the best month regarding her weight loss efforts. She did, however, have a great month regarding [...]

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Beware of the Easy Way Out!


The Easy Way Out! Today I was driving into work and I heard one of the local DJ’s testimonial ads about how he lost X pounds in as many days with a competing weight loss program and if you wanted to lose X pounds in as many days you should call them too*. And don’t forget to ask about [...]

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‘Oh Crap!’ Moments


There comes a day when you look at yourself in the mirror, and in a heartbreaking moment, you realize your love handles are the least of your concern. Fat has completely taken over your body and stands in the way of YOUR health. Your next thought is “what on earth can I do to fix [...]

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Lose Weight without Exercise


No Exercise Weight Loss As a sleep Doc, I see my share of overweight patients (sleep apnea gets worse with weight gain – it also gets better weight loss). When I ask my overweight sleep patients what their plan is for weight loss, they almost always talk about exercise (and 90% of the time it’s [...]

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Mental Battle of Weight Loss


Having the greatest plan isn’t worth a hill of beans if you have poor execution. And executing your plan is all in your head. I tell all of our patients that the #1 belief they should have is that THEY CAN LOSE WEIGHT. At Strong Weight Loss, we have a weight loss method that WILL [...]

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Why Strong Weight Loss for your Corporate Weight Loss Partner?


Why Strong Weight Loss for your Corporate Weight Loss Partner? It’s simple: we combine our medical expertise with our own personal experiences to provide a corporate weight loss program your employees deserve – One that works! Weight Bias in the Workplace Weight bias is prevalent in the workplace. Obese employees are often viewed as lazy, [...]

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Weight Loss is Futile


Recent articles in Obesity, and the New York Times on the same day (which means the author has a much better publicist than me (not to mention backing by the National Institute of Health)), had looked at the participants of season eight of The Biggest Loser and how all but one had regained weight. Based on this, one might think [...]

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