Why it’s called “Weight Loss”

Weight Loss Vs Weight Annihilation
Why don’t we call it “weight annihilation,” or “weight eradication?” Because that’s what we really want to do – GET RID OF IT FOR GOOD! But we call it “weight loss.” And we should – here is why.

Think back to a time when you ‘lost’ your car keys and you went frantically from room to room searching every nook and cranny. Down on your hands and knees looking under the bed and night stand. You didn’t stop, couldn’t stop, until you found them. If you were lucky enough, there was someone home with you to recruit into the mad search for the keys so you didn’t have to search alone. And maybe your child was watching you run through the house thinking, “I hope they don’t find the keys. I don’t want to go to the dentist.”

Meanwhile, in your Body
Fat cells store energy as fat. That’s their job. When you lose weight, you shrink the fat cells. Initially, your fat cells don’t care that much, but after a while your fat cells become concerned that there isn’t enough energy – fat – and starts looking for the lost fat. Your fat cells then recruit your brainstem into the search for the lost fat. Suddenly, food start smelling and tasting better. Your appetite increases and fullness decreases. Your brainstem then sends out other signals that slow down metabolism to slow the fat loss. This all happens to regain the weight that you had lost. Meanwhile – your cerebral cortex – the thinking part of the brain – wonders why it’s so difficult to continue to lose weight and to keep it off.

When we lose something, we try to find it. That’s what your body tries to do when you lose weight. So, yes, we should call it “weight loss” as a reminder that what was once lost can be found; as an acknowledgement that we need to continue our healthy lifestyle to keep what was lost on purpose, lost for good.

Let Us Help!
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