Insomnia and How to Sleep Better

“Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together” – Thomas Dekker (Elizabethan Dramatist – not the 29 yo “Terminator:Sarah Connor Chronicles” actor.)

We know that lack of sleep makes people, well, sleepy. But it also causes people to be crabby, slow, hungry, sick and can lead to death. More than half of Americans have at least one symptom of insomnia at least a few times in the last year and about one third complain of chronic insomnia symptoms.

Lack of sleep disrupts our circadian rhythm and alters our ability to have adequate hormonal and neurotransmitter balance. Inflammation builds up in the body which predisposed you to heart attacks and stroke. Poor sleep raises blood pressure, alters blood sugar control, impairs metabolism, increases stress, and delays healing and recovery from exercise.

What to do about insomnia?
Here is what a sleep physician (me) will tell you to do:

What should you REALLY do about insomnia?
Here is what a functional medicine physician (me again) will tell you to do:

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