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Hair Restoration for Women and Men

Thinning hair can have devastating results in both men and women that includes depression, anxiety and avoidant tendencies. And worrying about your hair can worsen the problem. Stress and emotional turbulence can hasten hair loss that then leads to a vicious cycle of more worry and more hair loss.
Predominantly thought to be a male problem, women make up a significant percentage of Americans suffering from hair loss. Forty percent of women have visible hair loss by the time they are forty years of age.
Unfortunately society has forced both men and women to suffer in silence. Since hair loss doesn’t appear life threatening, the medical community pays little attention to it. Complaints of hair loss are often minimized and people are often told that it’s something they have to live with. Being told to ‘live with it’ does nothing to alleviate the psychological impact and feeling unattractive can be just as devastating as a serious disease and can ultimately affect physical health.
A study out of the University of Pennsylvania a few years back found that men with male-pattern baldness or spotty patches of hair on their head were actually seen as weaker than those with a full head of hair or those who bit the bullet and went for the completely bald look. For women, however, going completely bald isn’t usually an option.
Types of Hair Loss

Regardless of gender, if you’re noticing more hair in the drain and aren’t willing to shave your head quite yet there are options.

At Strong Health and Wellness, we believe in a multimodal approach to hair loss (among other things). For best results we will recommend some type of growth factor, either PRP or PEP factor, in conjunction with LLLT and hair regrowth solution applied to the scalp twice a day. This is not an overnight process, most patients will see a significant increase in hair in a few months.
If you’re ready to talk to someone about your hair loss, Give us a call at (262) 373-0169 and make an appointment. Then you can decide which treatment choice would be best for you.

Donald Strong Donald Strong is the founder and medical director of Strong Health and Wellness.

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