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The Facility

You’ll find Strong Health and Wellness on the second floor of the Fox River Business Center in Brookfield, WI (elevators are available).

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When you open the door to Strong Health and Wellness, you’ll be greeted by the best people in the world, and you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable. We’ll take care of you, ask you a few questions, and let you know what to expect if this is your first visit or seventh. We’ve been where you are today, we have our own stories.

  • Questions? Want to Visit?

    We’ll make sure we get back with you quickly (and by quickly we mean within one-hour during normal business hours). If you prefer to talk with someone, call (262) 373-0169.

  • We Value Your Privacy!

When You’re Ready, We’re Here to Help

We understand how intimidating it is to talk to someone about sex hormones and weight loss. We get it. But if you are willing to come in and talk, we can guide you toward the better, healthier life you’ve been dreaming about, because we do it all the time.

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